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Our Services

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We’re a Communication, Brand Marketing,

Content Marketing, Digital Marketing,  Design, and Advertising Agency based in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.


We also offer Strategy Development & Events Management services.

Communication Services

At Venabi Communications, we understand that not everybody is a communicator. Therefore, we handhold our clients on all issues related to communication. Be it assisting them with:

  • Identifying communication bottlenecks

  • Identifying communication gaps

  • Undertaking communication audits

  • Correcting communication procedures and processes

  • Empowering them with communication skills

We also assist clients with communications solutions, including:

  • How to communicate with various stakeholders

  • How to communicate under different circumstances, including crisis situations

  • How to communicate simply for all to understand the message

  • How to develop consistent and clear communication


We also build communication skills within companies through our Communication Skills Training and Communication courses delivered online and face-to-face.

Creative Working

Marketing Services

At Venabi Communications, we understand that only some people are marketing experts. Therefore, we handhold our clients on all issues related to marketing. Be it assisting them with:

  • Identifying marketing bottlenecks

  • Identifying marketing gaps and opportunities

  • Empowering clients with marketing skills

  • Leveraging different marketing techniques


We offer various marketing services, including the following:

  • Strategy development

  • Advertising

  • Content marketing

  • Digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Promotions

  • Activations

  • Brand management

  • Designs

Other Services

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, helps promote businesses and brands via the internet and other forms of digital communication. They may include email, social media, web-based advertising, and multimedia messages.


Venabi uses various tools to assist clients with all aspects of digital marketing. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), including keywords analysis, competitor analysis, website audits and keyword-driven content. We also assist clients in generating sales leads and digital consumer insights.


Our Digital Marketing Training courses help businesses create in-house digital marketing skills and capacity.


Brand Marketing


Content Creation

We are content strategists and content creators. We are also tech-savvy and use technology alongside content to generate client leads. We are writers and editors and use these skills to create and design content for various platforms, including:

  • Websites

  • Newsletters

  • Reports

  • Brochures

  • Digital platforms

  • Multimedia platforms

  • Social Media


Events Management

We’re organisers of events - in person and virtual. We take care of clients’ Events Planning and Events Management. This includes sourcing venues, catering, designing invitations, managing RSVPs, and event branding.


We also believe that events are platforms to communicate business messages. Therefore, we assist clients in developing event communication strategies.

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